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Allergy testing

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How are allergy tests helpful?

If your clinical history suggests that you may be suffering from symptoms of an allergy, it can help to confirm what you are sensitised to through allergy testing.  The most suitable method for allergy testing in the majority of patients is skin-prick allergy testing

Allergy tests tell us about your sensitisations.  In the context of allergic rhinitis, this is commonly related to sensitivity to house dust mite or pollens (known as aeroallergens).  It is important to realise however, that proving sensitisation isn't the same thing as diagnosing allergy.  This diagnosis needs to be made by an expert clinician who takes into account your symptoms.

We recognise how important it is for you to choose the right specialist for your medical care.

 If you have any questions about whether we are suitable for your care, please contact us.

Allergy testing at LNSC

Skin prick allergy testing is simple, quick and extremely safe.  It gives visible evidence of your allergies within 15 minutes, and helps to guide the treatment of nasal conditions as well as asthma.

A panel of the common aeroallergens in the form of droplets (often grass, specific tree species, the common weed mugwort, dog and cat allergen along with the common fungal and house dust mite species) are placed as droplets on the forearm skin. Using a sterile metal lancet, each drop is lightly pricked. This is painless with a mild jabbing sensation only.  If you are sensitised to an allergen, and itchy red swelling develops at the site of the skin prick.  In order to have skin-prick testing, you need to stop oral antihistamines 3 days before your appointment.

At London Nose & Sinus Clinic, our experts can provide detailed assessment and an individual treatment plan for your allergic disease.  LNSC also has a dedicated service for immunotherapy, also known as allergen desensitisation.  This highly effective and safe treatment aims to modify the immune system's response to pollen, and is suitable for patients with more severe hay fever and allergic rhinitis.

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