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Cosmetic nasal surgery (rhinoplasty)

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Surgery aimed at changing or refining the appearance of the nose is known as "cosmetic" or "aesthetic" nasal surgery.  


These procedures are known as rhinoplasty or septorhinoplasty.

Is cosmetic nasal surgery right for me?

No two patients are the same. 


Cosmetic nasal surgery is complex, and the changes that are achievable for one individual may not be achievable for another.  It is essential to have a detailed discussion with your surgeon about what is achievable in your individual case, to ensure that you have accurate expectations going into any procedure.

Some changes are commonly requested as part of a cosmetic nasal procedure:​

  • Reduction of a prominent nasal bridge (or "dorsal hump")

  • Refinement or narrowing of the nasal tip

  • Elevation of a drooping nasal tip

  • Straightening a deviated nose

  • Narrowing the base of the nose or nostrils

We recognise how important it is for you to choose the right specialist for your medical care.

 If you have any questions about whether we are suitable for your care, please contact us.

How can LNSC help?

Consider London Nose & Sinus Clinic for care by surgeons dedicated to the field.

The nasal septum forms the middle wall between the two nostrils, and is critical for the support of the bridge of the nose.  Because of this, the appearance and the function of the nose are intrinsically linked. 


Almost all procedures that alter the shape of the nose involve the nasal septum in some way, and would most accurately be termed a "septorhinoplasty".  This is especially true if your nose is asymmetrical, or you have any difficulty breathing through the nose.


It is therefore important to work with a surgeon who can assess and treat both the appearance and the function of the nose.  This approach means that the structural integrity of the nose and the nasal airway are considered at the same time as the cosmetic appearance.  It aims to give you a final result that is not only natural and symmetrical, but also maintains a good nasal airway and stable appearance over time.

Our surgical Consultants have expertise in delivering aesthetic results that last, without compromising the function and stability of the nasal airway.

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