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Biologic therapies

Doctor Examining CT Scan
What are biologic therapies?

In some patients, their nasal polyp disease and/or asthma can be challenging to control with conventional treatments such as steroid nasal sprays, drops and inhalers.  Where a patient's quality of life is severely affected by CRS and/or asthma, they may be a candidate for biologic therapy, a more recently-developed treatment for severe inflammatory disorders.

These medications are based on antibodies, immune signalling molecules that naturally occur in our bodies.  For this reason they are referred to as "biologic".  They work by binding selectively to signalling molecules, or receptors on immune cells, to modify the response of the immune system in a specific way.   In CRS and asthma, we can target the activity of the specific immune pathways which are overactive, treating the underlying inflammation.

We recognise how important it is for you to choose the right specialist for your medical care.

 If you have any questions about whether we are suitable for your care, please contact us.

Am I suitable for biologic therapies?

At London Nose & Sinus Clinic we are proud to offer cutting-edge care which responds to the latest evidence in our specialty.  Biologic medications are an example of this, and have a strong and expanding evidence base for their use in severe CRS with nasal polyps and asthma.


Biologic medications are delivered by subcutaneous injection, once every 2-4 weeks, depending on the medication and the patient.  Patients who might be suitable for these treatments should always have a comprehensive review by experts in the field to ensure they have the potential to benefit from treatment.  Patients receiving biologic medications are closely monitored for the control of their sinus and lung conditions to ensure they are benefiting as expected.

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