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Our Services

World-class care for all nasal and sinus conditions,  asthma, allergies and general ENT problems. 

How we can help

We recognise how important it is for you to choose the right specialist for your medical care.  If you have any questions about whether we are suitable for your care, please contact us.

Examples of our specialist expertise are listed below.  Please note that due to the wide variety of expertise available, our Consultants may specialise in a certain number of the conditions below.  View our Consultants' profiles here.

  • General ENT issues (Mr Gane and Mr Jacques)

  • Hay fever (with allergy desensitisation)

  • Nasal blockage

  • Rhinitis (nose allergy and nose inflammation)

  • Acute (sudden-onset) sinusitis

  • Chronic sinusitis

  • Recurrent nose and sinus infections

  • Nasal polyps

  • Nasal septal deviation

  • Cosmetic rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)

  • Nasal deformity due to trauma

  • Nasal septum perforation

  • Smell loss

  • Disorders of smell function

  • Asthma (Dr Kariyawasam)

  • Complex asthma and novel biologic medications
    (Dr Kariyawasam)

  • General allergic disease (Dr Kariyawasam)

What makes LNSC different?

We are proud to call ourselves leaders in rhinology.

We deliver bespoke care, mindful of every aspect of the patient experience.

At London Nose & Sinus Clinic, private and international patients now have access to the pioneering diagnostic and treatment services offered by the unique combination of expertise of leaders in the field for nose and sinus disease. Dr Harsha Kariyawasam and Mr Simon Gane lead the complex nose and sinus service at the Royal National ENT Hospital in London. 

We are the only private clinic where there is both a medical and surgical approach to treating diseases of the nose, sinuses and the lower airway in a combined manner. The aim of such a combined approach is to ensure that a precise and accurate diagnosis is made.  This makes us unique, and we believe leads to better outcomes for patients, as all aspects of an airway problem can be addressed. 

Patients generally have a better outcome where there is a multidisciplinary approach, where experienced opinions of doctors from different disciplines are combined.  Often in private practice doctors work in isolation, denying patients this approach. Our practice at the London Nose & Sinus Clinic is different.

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